Friday, July 19, 2013

Blue Wall and Cool Finds

Okay, so I've been frantically trying to put our house back together. Hardwood floors are finished and look ah-mazing!  (But there is dust everywhere!). I haven't had time to do anything else in my classroom besides paint, but I think painting is pretty major!  

Anywho, here is the before pic...Boring!

And here is the after!!!  (Please excuse the mess.)

I found these frames at Michael's on clearance for $1 each so I painted them the same color as my focus wall. Not sure what I'll put in them yet, but I'm going to use them on another wall to tie in with the focus wall.  

I love everyone's painted/papered READ letters and I definitely want to do that, but let's get real.  My wish list of to-do things is much longer than I can accomplish between now and the start of school!  I happened upon these felt letters (Michael's again) for $1 each and they go with my room colors. Score!  These will get me through this year no problem. 

These are my class pets. They are Zebra Finches.  I went in to check on them the other night and they were both sleeping in the same basket. How cute is that?  I had to take a picture and share. 

Hopefully next week the house will be "whole" again and I can focus on my room and get my craft on. :-)


  1. Looks Great!! Are finches easy to take care of? What a great room pet!

    1. Elizabeth,
      The birds are pretty low maintenance except for the mess they make with their food. They fly around the cage a lot and are very entertaining. After a couple of days, the kids didn't even notice their chirping, so distractions weren't a problem. I was unsure about the birds when I first brought them to my room, but my students LOVED having such unique pets.

  2. Love your focus wall! I am selecting my classroom color this weekend. Can't wait!

    The finches are precious!

    Fluent in Fourth