Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ten Pin Linky

I. adore. Pinterest.
My three year old wants me to lay down with him at night while he goes to sleep.  This is a special time for us and we get in lots of snuggles.  However, some nights he just refuses to fall asleep!  On a bad night it can take over an hour.  Sigh!  Anywho, I've gotten to where I take my phone or iPad with me, and I get on Pinterest while he settles in.  So.....this Linky is right up my alley!

In Kentucky 4th grade students are assessed in Science, so I am always on the lookout for new pins!    Here are a few of my recent Science and Social Studies pins.

Skittles and the Scientific Method

I usually start the year out with scientific method.  How fun to use skittles for our first experiment?  This lesson is from The Science Penguin.

Pizza Box Solar Oven

When I tried to visit the website I got the "suspicious link" warning.  BUT, one of my new teammates said she used to do something like this in GA, so I'm very excited that I'll get to try this out with my kiddos this year!

Photosynthesis Model

I am definitely moving toward the interactive Science notebook this year.  We have always used science journals for note-taking, but I want to take it to the next level!  I love this model for photosynthesis!

Using Non-Fiction Picture Books

I LOVE this series of books.  In fact, I just picked up two more today at Barnes and Noble.  They take science concepts and write about them in a way that students can read independently and comprehend.  I made a HUGE push with my class last year for reading Non-Fiction.  In fact, I made it part of their weekly AR goal.  Many of them had been afraid of reading Non-Fiction before but found that they really enjoyed it.  Plus, I got to hear lots of talk about science as they shared with one another what they were reading.  :-)

Edible Soil Layers 

I try to incorporate food in my science lessons whenever possible.  Why?  Kids love it and they remember it!  We made these last year during the first semester when we studied soil.  At the end of the year when we were reflecting on activities we loved, this one came up multiple times!!!

Sun, Earth, Moon
What a great visual for discussing day/night, seasons, and solar and lunar eclipses!

Science Journal Cover Sheet
I want to let my kids decorate this page and either use it as the cover for their science notebooks or to use it as the first page.  Isn't this a fun sheet?

Social Studies Pins

Martin's Big Words Written Response

I used this activity with my class last year, and I thought their responses showed a lot of insight.

Branches of Government Tree

I love this anchor chart. I think actually using a tree for the organizer makes so much sense!

Bucket Filling Slips

I used these with my class last year and we all loved them.  We shared our bucket slips at family meeting on Fridays.  The kids were very disappointed if we ever had to miss a family meeting and would ask Monday morning if we could make it up that day.  I'm a big believer in being a Bucket Filler!

I hope you enjoy checking out a few of my favorite Science/Social Studies pins.  If you have some great ones, I hope you'll link up, too! 


  1. Great pins! You had found a bunch I had not seen before. I really like the Photosynthesis Model. I am knowing following your blog and can't wait to get some great ideas (a good chunk of my students are in 3/4 grade).


  2. Love these pins! I was planning on doing the Skittles lab to start my year, too! :) Pinterest is such an amazing resource for teachers. Instead of having 100000 bookmarks, I can now find all my ideas and things that I want to read in one spot! :)

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