Thursday, July 4, 2013

Let's Get Acquainted

Happy 4th everyone!  We are laying low until fireworks time so I thought I'd sneak in a little TpT shopping and a blog post.

Today I'm linking up with Flying into First Grade for a really fun Linky! It's a getting acquainted Linky. :-) Choose any 3 in a row and respond!

*I went to the University of Kentucky. I was living on campus one of the years they won the National Championship.  And WOW!  What a memory!  Everyone flooded the streets and strangers were high-giving each other cheering for the Big Blue Nation (BBN).  It. was. awesome.

*My favorite school memory as a kid. It's true, our kids may not remember the lessons we teach, but they will remember the experiences we provide.  When I was in fourth grade my class made a paper mâché heart-shaped piñata.  We got to go to the back table and work on it when we finished our class work. As an early finisher, I got to work on it a lot. :-)

*Hobbies--I love to read when I find/make the time. I typically read during school breaks.  This summer I read the newest Sophie Kinsella (Love her books! This one was funny, but not my favorite.)  I also read Shine On by Allison Jewel.  Definitely recommend it!  I also LOVE shopping at Target and going up and down ever single aisle. Wait, does that count as a hobby?!?  

I can't wait to read more about my fellow bloggers!


  1. How fun would that be to work on paper mache' when finished with work! Would definitely be a way to keep kids out of trouble. Not sure how well that would work in first grade, but I LOVE the idea. I found you through the linky. This was my first linky and you're right, it was a really fun one! Teaching with Giggles

  2. I bet campus was CRAZY when they won! I'm a Jayhawker and would have loved to have been going to school or even on Mass Street when they won. :) I too love Target and am probably grateful I live 30 min. away from one.

    Cute blog!
    Fun In 5th

  3. Hello, SEC buddy!

    I have just become your newest follower!!

    Can't wait to read more posts!!!